Vrindavan Today brings you daily news of Braj and Vrindavan Dhams — the temple and ashram life, special events, environmental and heritage protection. Come here to stay in touch with the Holy Dham of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna!

Vrindavan Today is a non-denominational, non-sectarian site dedicated to the uplift and positive development of the Dham.

The goals of Vrindavan Today are:

  • to attract readers from all around the world to experience the spiritual, religious and cultural glories of Vrindavan and Braj,
  • to build a community of Vrindavan vasis beyond the limits of any one institution or organization,
  • to create awareness of the positive work that different individuals and institutions are doing in Braj/Vrindavan,
  • to publicize vital issues related to the “bhauma” Vrindavan of today, especially those concerning heritage and environment,
  • to become an important source of information about these issues, both past and present,
  • and ultimately to engage people actively in ways that will serve the interests of the Dham.

Editorial Board

As of July 25, 2014, a new Editorial Board has been formed, consisting of the following five distinguished personalities from the Vrindavan community:

Shri Hit Kinkar Sewak Sharan (Shri Hit Sadhan Mandal)

Hitkinkar_SewakSharanSewak Sharanji is the godfather of the environmental movement in Vrindavan. Now 80 years old, he commands the respect of all environmentally concerned Brajvasis. More about Sewak Sharanji here.


Shri Shrivatsa Goswami (Sri Chaitanya Prema Sansthana)

Shrivatsa_GoswamiShrivatsa Goswami is one of Vrindavan’s most distinguished representatives. A hereditary Goswami of the Radha Raman family, his activity in spreading the glories of Radha Raman and Gopal Bhatta Goswami are without compare. He annually hosts numerous conferences and festivals at Jai Singh Ghera in Vrindavan.

Shri Satyanarayan Dasa Babaji Maharaj (Jiva Institute)

SatyanarayandasShri Satyanarayana Dasaji is the founder of the Jiva Institute in Sheetal Chaya, dedicated to the preservation, study, translation and dissemination of the philosophy of Sri Jiva Goswami of the 16th century. He is currently engaged in translating and commenting on the Six Sandarbhas, as well as preaching internationally.

Shri Jagannath Poddar (Friends of Vrindavan)

JagannathPoddarJagannath Poddar has been the director of Friends of Vrindavan since 2005. Through FOV and numerous other organizations, he has been serving the ecology, heritage and culture of Braj-Vrindavan by cleaning, greening, and other conservation activities.

Jagadananda Das (Vrindavan Today)

Jagat_thumbJagadananda Das is the original founder of Vrindavan Today, which has the purposes mentioned above. More about him here.


We seek contributions:

We welcome contributions from English or Hindi-speaking authors (see our Hindi site) and photographers in the nature of relevant news articles (such as temple events, etc.), researched articles related to Vrindavan or its residents, or editorials related to the themes outlined above. Any other volunteers, such as translators, web designers, contributors in cash or in kind, are also invited to lend a hand.

Please communicate or submit any content to vrindavantoday@gmail.com

Jai Sri Radhe!

Your servants,

The editors

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